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Belina Buisson-Wright is a native Floridian of Haitian American descent. Wright went to college to become a teacher and taught for 8 years until she began to home school her children. During her years of classroom instruction, she began experimenting with acrylic paints. Wright is a self-taught artist that believes her ability to paint is a God-given gift. She is fascinated by the music, art, clothing, and customs of various cultures. Her art is strongly influenced by her Haitian and African-American heritage. She tries to capture its vibrancy in her work. She enjoys painting people in their element-from the extreme to the simple and mundane whether it’s laughing, dancing, singing, or working. Her Haitian influenced pieces usually depict tall, stylized women holding baskets and most recently, women dancing. Wright believes there is grace, strength, and beauty in these women. She has participated in various traditional and online exhibitions nationally and internationally. She resides in Central Florida with her husband, Stephen, and their four children.