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Experience The Culture of Haiti

Experience The Culture of Haiti


Uniting Culture Through Experience

Experience the Culture of Haiti aims to offer the community an immersive experience of Haiti’s art, music, dance, literature and cuisine. The event’s intention is to showcase Haiti’s rich culture in a positive light, fostering understanding and appreciation. We believe that the event will promote community growth, cohesion, education, tolerance, and acceptance for all cultural backgrounds

If you are interested in showcasing your artistic abilities at this event. Please use the contact us form below.

Sponsorships Available

We are asking that you partner with us as a sponsor of the event. We need committed partners in the community to target audiences of all ages, youth, children, teens, and adults. Partnering with us will demonstrate commitment to community, engagement, and cultural appreciation. As a cohort, you will showcase corporate social responsibility as well as boost brand visibility and recognition through positive association. For more information about this event please contact us at 407-756-3391, refer to and or utilize the contact section below.

Contact Us

On Sunday February 25th, 2024, Artist With A Purpose Gallery, is hosting “Experience the Culture of Haiti.” The event is crafted to promote awareness towards Haitian culture in the community. “Experience the Culture of Haiti” being a Florida native with Haitian descent she organized this event to unite cultures. She is a self-taught artist that believes her ability to paint is a natural gift. Leaving the classroom as a teacher, to experience the artistic life full time, she has integrated her Haitian Heritage in many of her paintings.

Come Experience The Culture of Haiti

Experience Art, Music, Food, Dance