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Creative Beginnings

I was always a creative child. My mother kept my sister and I stocked with crayons, coloring books, markers, paints and all your standard kid supplies. I remember loving to draw. I drew all the time even in class. I remember as a child I would see a piece of art I liked and get lost in it. It was amazing to me how a person could create something so beautiful!

As a teenager in high school, my interest in art began to dwindle, you know boys and all.  However, after I began college my interest was renewed. I majored in Elementary Education and enjoyed my Methods of Teaching classes especially Methods of Art. Every week we had to create a piece of work on a particular topic. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed creating. I was also taking an art appreciation class where I learned more about the history of art.

After Graduation I began teaching and had to teach art every Friday to my students. I enjoyed making the example pieces for our lesson and would display the class art along with mine in the halls. When parents would come they’d ask if I were an artist. I’d smile and tell them no I just do it with the children.

During those years I saw a commercial for Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke painting technique. I was mesmerized!  I bought almost every brush, book, video, and paint I could get my hands on, much to the dismay of my husband’s budget, and studied her technique.

After filling up pad after pad of paper I began painting on the furniture and walls in our apartment and anything I could get my hands on really. I went to the library to find books of hers and came across many other artist books of drawing,  painting styles and methods. I studied and practiced painting off and on between marriage, pregnancies and teaching.

I copied her style for a couple of years and realized I didn’t have my own. In addition, I would have an idea in my head but my poor skills wouldn’t allow me to express it. I felt very frustrated by my lack of knowledge. I remember praying, “Lord I have so much to say! Please help me to get it out onto the canvas.”  As the years went on I continued to read more books, watch how-to videos on YouTube and experiment. I also surrounded myself with artist that are more experienced and gleaned as much of their great knowledge as I could.  I still have a lot to learn but I see the progress in my work and I am assured that my prayer is finally being answered.  Thanks for reading.