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I Am An Artist

Over the weekend I set up at a local street fair and a little girl came up to my fellow artist and asked questions about her art. After speaking with the artist the little girl unabashedly exclaimed I’M AN ARTIST! I couldn’t believe the conviction of this little 6 year old! Her enthusiasm forced me to reflect on my journey to becoming an artist.

Hello and Welcome! My name is Belina Wright and I am an artist. For many years I was afraid to give myself that title, because I thought being self-taught excluded me from being a “real artist”. I thought the only way to be a “real artist” was to get a degree from an art school. I held trained artist in such high esteem that I couldn’t possibly be considered one of them!
I’ve been painting for 11 years. Painting and tucking the pieces away in corners not thinking anything of them. Painting was just a hobby and honestly I didn’t think my work was good enough. It was hard to put myself out there and be subjected to rejection. About 2 years ago I started sharing my paintings with family and friends. To my surprise they loved them! I was also encouraged to post pictures on Facebook and I received even more positive feedback. As I continued to post my fear faded away and I even began to sell art to my family, friends and others.
Now I’m blessed to start this new blog and website where anyone can purchase my art directly. I came to the realization that being self-taught wasn’t a weakness but my strength! God blessed me with this gift to create vibrant pieces and I am excited to share it with you.

I will add a new post to the blog every Sunday evening. Please subscribe for posts, updates on upcoming exhibits, and new artwork. Also feel free to drop me an email or comment. I look forward to starting this new journey with you. Thanks for reading.